850nm Infrarrojo Laser LD C-mount 1W

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Here is a 1 watt (1000 milliwatt), 850nm laser diode in a standard C-mount package.These are unused and we have tested them to verify performance and wavelength. used in Business,Industrial, Electrical ,Test Equipment, Electronic Components
CW outpower(W) : 1.0
Mean wavelength(nm) : 847;852;857
Spectral width(90% integrated power)(nm) :<2.5
Threshold current(A) : 0.4;0.6
Operating current(A) : 1.0;1.2
Operating voltage (A) : 1.9;2.2
Slope efficiency(V) : 1.0;1.2
Conversion efficiency : 50%
Recommended case temperature(℃) :-10;25;50
Storage temperature(℃) : -30~80
Wavelength tuning vs. temperature(nm/℃) : 0.3
Lifetime(hour) : 10000
These infrared laser diodes are useful for small marking or buring projects when used with an appropriate collimating / focusing lens.  They may also be useful of infrared illumination for night vision cameras.As the warning label below shows, a small amount of the beam is emitted from the rear of the diode.  This is a fraction of a percent of the total power.  A small photodiode placed in this beam can be used to track output power.
This laser diode is very sensitive to static electricity and even a tiny zap that you can't feel can instantly destroy this device or degrade it's performance. You should always use a static strap when handling static sensitive devices such as this.
This laser diode must be attached to a heat sink if before it is powered. Failure to keep the diode cool will dramatically reduce it's operating lifetime and may permanently damage it.The output of this laser diode is nearly invisible. Don't let this fool you - it is powerful enough to set things on fire and can cause burns and permanent eye damage. You should always wear appropriate safety goggles when working with high power laser devices such as this.


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